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Working with dogs is a lot like working with toddlers – both require a lot of patience, but it always pays off in the end.  Molly and Razzbo are such good girls and bring a whole lot of love to our “good dog” studio.


Antler sheds.  Searching for antler sheds is what Blake loves to do (and he is very good at it) and now puppy, Toby, has joined the pack, so there will be many more found once he gets the hang of it.  I just love the way Blake is looking up at his best friend and fellow hunter and doesn’t Toby look adorable in his new green collar.  Just a quick glimpse into our recent session.

A man and his best friend…

Cookie is four months old and she was rescued by a wonderful family.  Her temperament and behavior is incredible.  She is so calm…and adorable.  No she is not a hyena (yes, strange people have asked that) nor is she a wild African dog (again, strange people.)  Cookie is a Dutch Shepard.  It’s that brindle coat that has everyone scratching their heads.  Say hello to Cookie.