Love, support and laces.  Bright neon green laces to be exact.  The Haddonfield Middle School community rallied together at a recent rec hall to show their support for fellow classmate and friend, Jason, who is under going treatment for a rare form of bone cancer, by wearing (in many unique ways) their laces.  The laces are part of a fundraising effort through Go 4 The Goal, a locally based charitable foundation who’s mission is to help children affected by cancer achieve their goals.  Visit their website to learn more about the organization and how you may help out in your own community.

Want to show your support for Jason and all kids affected by cancer with a pair of laces? During the month of April, all children who are photographed at our studio will receive a pair of these fun neon laces to sport in their own sneakers.

Now, take a look at these awesome teens as they show their support.


Video load times may vary based on device.  Hang on – it’s worth the wait.

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